Meet Our Team Ike's Transmission & Auto Repair

ikeIke – Owner

In 1979, Ike felt it was a fantastic opportunity to start our business, and he named it “The World’s Smallest Transmission Shop.” Our “little” business has grown over 35 years into a service-oriented, people-oriented auto repair legend in Austin. Transmission repair is Ike’s passion, and he has always been thankful for America’s free enterprise that invites us all to be our best selves. It’s our many customers and his true love of the automotive industry that keep Ike going! He is a terrific husband and grandfather of 18 wonderful grandkids. Ike knows how much it means to each of you that you have good, safe transportation. So, sleeping good at night is imperative because a job has been well done – it’s always been his daily goal. We welcome you to a unique experience in auto repair where you are truly cared for. Come check us out!

taffyTaffy – Service Advisor

Do you want to hear a true belly laugh and know you’re in the presence of someone who truly enjoys people and life? Taffy is not just a manager but a friend to all he meets. He cares about Ike’s reputation and making it a place for repeat business. Taffy was born in Abilene and is a wonderful father and grandfather. His family background in auto repair gave him the foundation for accurate diagnosing skills and auto repair expertise that you’ll benefit from. He has never stopped acquiring knowledge in his chosen career and it shows up in our customer satisfaction. Taffy makes every day a joy at Ike’s!

chrisChris – Technician

Christopher is thorough, fast, knowledgeable and has an encompassing knowing of auto repair from A-Z. We’re blessed to have Christopher join us and bring his talent to Ike’s. He would tell you he wants to be trusted with the work he does and that watching for details is his “forte”. A big engine or transmission job that would normally overwhelm you or I is like an enjoyable puzzle for him. Christopher comes from a family of mechanics, and it shows in his automotive and transmission repair! Austin-born like many of our team members, Christopher is a great technician, and we’re honored to have him work for us!

dylanDylan – Transmission Rebuilder

Can you imagine the dedication that keeps an employee working over 20 years for a business? Or how much the business appreciates such a qualified and gifted employee? Dylan’s love of evolving technology in the auto industry began in high school shop courses and bloomed into exceptional knowledge and problem solving capacities that are simply remarkable. He was born in Austin, is a dove huntin’ Texan, and is a great dad and husband who enjoys local and personal history. His hobbies make for great conversations! Dylan is well known in the industry and is sought often for finding that “can’t be done” solution. He’s a “keeper” employee and terrific asset at Ike’s.

“You know, I think the greatest gift in the world is a good employee – or people who can do your work for you and do it well the way you’d like to have it done. And I’ve always been able to surround myself with really good people.” Kenny Rogers